Millard Health Centre (WCB) Catering Order Form

Are you holding a meeting or event at WCB’s Millard Health Centre?

We offer a wide selection of food and beverages to suit the need of any type of event you are hosting from meetings, parties, conferences etc.

Simply select the service you’d like, fill out the form with all your event details and our Catering Manager will be in touch ASAP.

Please let us know of your order as soon as possible, up to 3 days before your event so we can ensure we are prepared to serve you as best possible!

To place your order, follow the steps below:

Step 1: View menu

Step 2: Fill out order form below

    Date of catering service* (Please format YYYY-MM-DD)


    Breakfast Add-ons (price per guest)
    Beef sausage - $1.50Pork & beef sausage - $1.25Chicken sausage - $1.25Turkey bacon - $1.50Loaded scrambled - $2.00Egg white scrambled - $1.50Loaded egg white scrambled - $2.50Egg patties – $1.50

    Lunch Add-ons (price per guest)
    Variety of cold cuts - $3.25Cheese and crackers platter - $5.95Smoked salmon - $3.95Berry’s Parfait - $3.00Boiled egg - $1.00Individual fruit yogurt - $2.00Oatmeal - $2.50

    Assorted sandwiches (1½ sandwiches per person) - $9.95 per guestMini Croissant - $15/dozenMini Danish - $18/dozenMuffins - $24/dozenCookies - $18/dozenToast and preserves (2 slices per person) - $1.95/guestBagel and cream cheese (1 per person) - $2.50/guestJuices (Choice of apple, orange or cranberry) - $2.50/guestCrudité with dip - $3.45/guestSeasonal fresh fruits - $3.95/guestAssorted bite sized desserts - $4.25/guest

    (*) = REQUIRED

    Step 3: We will be in touch shortly.

    Red Table Food’s Catering Manager will be in touch to finalize any details. If you need to contact them directly after submitting the above form, please email Red Table Foods

    Step 4: Enjoy your catered event!