Production Kitchen

How do we serve consistency
and delight in every meal we produce?

Developing ready-made meals for market in high volume involves a series of standardized methods and controls to ensure we produce every item reliably and consistently at scale. To give you a better understanding of how we operate, let’s follow the journey of introducing your favourite meal to market and what we do to produce it consistently at scale.

Recipe Development & Focus Group Testing

Our process begins with a recipe. Our Executive Chef and kitchen team design a custom flavour and nutrition profile that will have your customers coming back for more. Through sample testing with focus groups and simulated production runs, we refine the recipe until we have an undisputed winner ready for market. The recipe is then standardized into a Formulation Record to ensure it can be replicated consistently in larger volumes in our production environment.

Raw Ingredient Sourcing

Once a recipe is approved, we begin the process of sourcing fresh, raw ingredients from local suppliers to match the specifications of the Formulation Record.   

Daily deliveries of meats, produce, breads, dairy, and spices are inspected to ensure they meet our quality assurance standards. If it doesn’t make the cut, we reject it outright. There is no room for compromise when it comes to quality ingredients. 

Production Kitchen Processes

Once our raw ingredients clear inspection, they are sorted into monitored temperature-controlled staging zones as they enter the production process. Meats are tenderized, seasoned, and cooked fresh daily using special rational ovens that can optimize for temperature and humidity.

If an ingredient requires slicing or dicing, we do this daily. This ensures everything is as fresh as it can be.

Sauce-based meals, casseroles, and sides are cooked and prepared to perfection. We bake, broil, grill, roast, sautée, and steam.  Our high-capacity production kitchen is fitted with the latest equipment in the culinary industry.

For meals with multiple components, assembly is based on a precise set of specifications detailing the volume or weight of each item, the layering or order in which each of the items is introduced, and their placement in the final packaged arrangement.

Nothing is missed or left to interpretation. This ensures a consistent flavour profile and perfect presentation in every meal served.

Distribution Across Alberta

The final step in the journey is getting your meals to market. Red Table distributes daily to customers across Alberta. Every order is shipped fresh the day it is prepared.

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