QA & Lab Testing

Following strict regulations established by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Health Canada, Red Table’s Quality Assurance team conducts inline and finished product inspections routinely throughout each production run.

Preventative Controls

A series of preventative control measures are built into our meal production processes to protect against foodborne contaminants and biological hazards. This includes thermal processing of finished meals, an enhanced cleaning and sanitation program, and an environmental testing program where we sample and test the areas where food is prepared, as well as the equipment used to prepare it.

Inspections & Lab Testing

Our routine testing and inspection process is designed to identify potential issues quickly so that they can be addressed in a systematic and transparent manner. Our trained panelists randomly pull product from each production run, which are then sent to a third-party accredited laboratory for testing.

Inventory Tracking

If an issue is identified, our inventory tracking database confirms precisely when a product was prepared, the supplier inventories that were used in the production run, and the meal’s journey in the delivery distribution chain.

If necessary, we can quickly implement a product recall to identify, isolate, and dispose of any affected ingredients and finished goods.

While we hope to never employ recall measures, the procedures in place provide our customers with the trust and confidence to know that we can act quickly and with the highest level of oversite.

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